Date: 1974 Ladies Invited Tour
Venue: Unknown
Quality: Video Tape
Download: WMV (162.52 MB) / MP4 (350.68 MB) / AVI (320.64 MB)

A documentary by Seth’s brother Paul Justman. “Postcards From The Road” was filmed in 1973/4 during the ‘Ladies Invited’ tour. Broadcast on PBS in 1979 on WNET, Channel 13 (Thirteen), as part of the ‘Independent Focus’ series.

Set List

  1. Did You No Wrong
  2. I Can’t Go On
  3. Hard Drivin’ Man (cut)
  4. Whammer Jammer
  5. Give It To Me

From 1000Dances Site
A documentary by Seth’s brother, the film director Paul Justman. It was shot on the ‘Ladies Invited’ tour at the beginning of 1974 (or the very end of 1973). This is an old tape copy so the picture quality is far from good. But it’s an awesome movie with backstage interviews, life scenes and many onstage clips. The opening set of songs is truly fantastic as the band really burn the stage. A nice and long ‘Give It To Me’ rendition (10 min.) with the usual percussion solo played in 1974 (see also ‘Shake what Mama Gave Ya’ below) closes the set. Live songs from ‘Ladies Invited’ are very rare. They could be heard here live for the first. ‘Peachtree Street’ is played on piano and harp during end credits but the song is sang by Peter Wolf and not by Magic Dick as usual. If you like the Atlantic era of the band, this is a must have.



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